Balatro could have been called something very different

Trial of the Fool and Rogue Poker just don't hit the same.

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Balatro is one of the indie hits of the year. The poker-based roguelike shot up from nowhere and has sold over 1 million copies. That's a lot of people giving into their inner gambler without having to lose any money.

The game was made by one creator, who goes by localthunk over on Twitter/X. In a recent post, he went over the potential other names for Balatro, and we have to say that although there are some fun alternatives, the real winner is Balatro by a mile.

A lot of the other names revolved around Fools and Jokers, which makes sense considering the nature of the game. We can't really imagine it being called anything but Balatro, but then again Joker Poker is a fun close second.


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