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Balan Wonderworld

Balan Wonderworld's disastrous demo has now been pulled

It caused concerns about the game in February, ahead of its launch.

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Curious gamers will no longer be able to sample Balan Wonderworld's demo version, as it has now been pulled from all storefronts. The demo's impending removal was announced by the official Balan Wonderworld Twitter account yesterday, which noted that costumes unlocked from the demo will still be distributed to players in the future.

The demo version of Balan Wonderworld first surfaced this February and enabled players the chance to play through the first handful of levels. It's here where concerns about the game were raised, as many complained about its stiff animations and multiple jump commands. These fears later became a reality when the game released a month later in a very shoddy and unpolished state.

With the demo now gone, the only way to experience Balan Wonderworld's magic will to make a purchase. Will you be one of the ones taking the plunge?

Balan Wonderworld

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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