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Heroes of the Storm

Bakery leads Team Dignitas to Western Clash victory

There was no shortage of excitement.

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Team Dignitas yet again won the Western Clash at IEM Katowice over the weekend, with the entire tournament providing plenty of excitement for Heroes of the Storm fans.

It wasn't all plain sailing for Dignitas though. Early on in the tournament their 3-0 loss pushed them into the losers' bracket, meaning they had to face NA sides Gale Force Esports and Team 8, registering 3-0 victories over both. Then they came up against Misfits, who many considered to be tournament favourites, and this was a much closer tie, with Dignitas scraping through with a 3-2 win.

Their appearance at the final against Fnatic, who had only dropped one game in the entire tournament before the final, was Dignitas' third series in a row, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that the incredibly convincing Fnatic would have brushed the tired team aside, but there were still more shocks. Dignitas surprised everyone when Jerome "JayPL" Trinh chose Stitches, a hero that hasn't been chosen since BlizzCon, and Dignitas actually managed to register a 2-0 lead by this time, with the unexpected tactic reaping great rewards. Fnatic rallied and showed their quality to bring it back to 2-2, but in the very close final game Dignitas took the calculated risk to aggressively attack their core, and win the series.

This victory is another in Dignitas' collection, and the first for new player Kenn Øster "Zaelia" Rasmussen. James "Bakery" Baker also showed great leadership throughout the tournament, rallying the team and being the face of the side throughout. Did you expect Dignitas to win against Fnatic?

Heroes of the Storm
Photo: ESL

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