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Heroes of the Storm

Bakery becomes Brand Ambassador for Dignitas

The ex-Heroes of the Storm player is also a streamer.

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Team Dignitas has announced that their former Heroes of the Storm player, James 'Bakery' Baker, has returned to the team as not only a streamer but also a Brand Ambassador and Product Manager for fan engagement projects.

"When I stepped down from playing, I had a ton of ideas of what I wanted to do, and where I wanted my journey to take me," Bakery said. "I am incredibly excited about this opportunity with Team Dignitas, because it allows me to start to develop my management skills, channel my passion for fan engagement and social media, maintain my public image, and do it all under the banner of the team that I love."

"I am incredibly excited for 2018, and I hope my work in this next year will help many others say the same about 2019. It's good to be home."

Are you glad to see Bakery back at Dignitas?

Heroes of the Storm
Photo: Team Dignitas

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