Out of Place

Bagpack Games talks technology and religion in Out of Place

The upcoming indie adventure game pits man against machine and we've spoken to the developers to find out more.

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Out of Place is an upcoming adventure title from Bagpack Games. We spoke to the studio's Markus Albert at Nordic Game to find out more about the charming indie.

The game follows protagonist Simon who is thrown into a strange, dystopian world in the near future where machines have taken over. Simon is pitted on a quest to restore the balance and return to his home world.

"We want to have a balance of action-packed combat but also emotional, atmospheric parts," Albert told us during our chat.

The demo footage shows off intense battles, as well as the ability to interact with machinery. Simon's powers come from his orb companion which grants the player abilities in combat. These powers will be expanded by progressing through the story and defeating enemy bosses.


"The topic is technology and religion, the conflict and the balanced use of both," Albert explained.

As you make your way through the story, Simon meets a tribesmen whose people worship machines as gods, as the native folk don't understand the workings of technology. When these machines begin to malfunction and attack, it's down to Simon and his tinkering abilities to fight off the machines' aggression and repair them back to their former glory.

The game's themes appear to have a much-welcome likeness to PS4 smash-hit Horizon: Zero Dawn. It'll be interesting to see how the narrative plays off the subject matter.

Out of Place is currently still early on in development for PC. If you're interested in the game, you can learn more from the official website and watch a teaser from the demo above.


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