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Bad North

Bad North is a small, elegant strategy game

Graceful Vikings will still spill a lot of blood.

During Gamescom we take a look at many smaller games, games without big publisher support, games that are looking to break through the noise of a busy market place. One such game was Bad North, located in the Sweden Game Arena booth in the business area of Gamescom.

Developed by Oskar Stålberg (who previously worked on The Division), Richard Meredith (programmer with experience from Little Big Planet and Little Nightmares), and award-winning sound designer Martin Kvale (Gonner, Hidden Folks, Among the Sleep), Bad North is a very stylised take on the strategy genre.

Basically, you'll need to stop five waves of invaders coming to your small island and prevent them burning down your houses. You have archers, knights and pikemen at your disposal and there's a paper, rock, scissors system in play here. However, the key to success is using things like jump attacks and bombs at the right moment to make sure your troops triumph. Every kill colours the soil red with blood and after a battle, you'll be able to see the devastation the attack had on your island, even if you survive.

No release date other than that it is coming out next year on consoles, PC, and mobile platforms exist, but we were left impressed by the visually impressive game.

Bad North
Bad NorthBad North
Bad NorthBad NorthBad North

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