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Fallout 76

Backpacks and a new faction are coming to Fallout 76 next month

The next big update for the online Fallout game has been detailed, and it's set to land in early May.

Following on from the recent introduction of the ProSnap Deluxe Camera and Repair Kits to Fallout 76, Bethesda has outlined what fans can expect from the next substantial content update for the post-apocalyptic online-RPG.

As detailed over on the game's official webpage, the game will shortly be updated with a new faction - the Pioneer Scouts - and a new backpack feature, both of which are part of the "Ever Upwards!" update (or Patch 9 as it's also being called) which is due to land on May 7.

Players will be able to get involved with the Pioneer Scouts - who are now accepting recruits of all ages - by investigating posters found at train stations around Appalachia. By accepting these missions players will be able to unlock badges that should come in handy around specific vending machines, where they can be traded for themed loot to improve your base of operations.

Starting off as a Tadpole, players will then work towards reaching the rank of Possum. Those who reach that rank will unlock the other main feature from Patch 9: backpacks. These will allow players to increase their carry weight, which will no doubt be appreciated by long-time players. These backpacks can also be customised both in terms of visuals and with stat-changing mods.

Finally, if you're still playing the game then no doubt you'll be interested in hearing that there's a double XP event across both Adventure and Survival, starting today at 5pm BST / 6pm CEST and concluding on April 29 at 11am BST.

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