Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood's third expansion takes Cleaners on a ride upriver

It's called River of Blood and will debut in December.

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Turtle Rock Studios has announced the third expansion for Back 4 Blood, and revealed what the title will be offering and when it will arrive.

Known as River of Blood, we're told that the expansion will take Cleaners on a journey upriver, as part of a five map mission where they will need to stop at different points to collect supplies and deal with enemy threats.

The expansion will add the new Cleaner Tala, who brings her companion Ridden called Jeff, who is a friendly Tallboy who will attack the nasty Ridden when summoned with a whistle by Tala or other friendly Cleaners.

River of Blood will also bring eight new character skins and 12 weapon skins, plus new weapons, accessories, and cards.

But that's not all the Back 4 Blood extra additions coming, as on the same day as when River of Blood arrives, so will a free update adding Trial of the Worm for all players, allowing everyone to jump into the cooperative PvE game mode.

And finally, in the spirit of Christmas, the Back 4 Blood Holiday Event returns from December 6 (which just so happens to be the launch date for all of this extra content), with it running until January 4, and bringing cosmetics, festive decorations at Fort Hope and more that will be explained in further depth at a later date.

Back 4 Blood

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