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Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood has more than 10 million players and new content is coming

The new content will land in mid-April.

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Back 4 Blood was released in October and quickly got a huge following, in large part thanks to the fact that it was included with Game Pass starting day one. This led to over six million players during the first two weeks, and since then, this number has grown a lot as the American studio reveals they now have reached more than ten million players.

And it gets better as it's also almost time for more content, which has also been introduced. The first expansion is called Tunnels of Terror, which launches on April 12, and the developers shares a sneak peak of things to come on Twitter with a new image - which we have included below for your convenience. Nicely enough, you will be able to share this expansion with others, so finding people to play with likely won't be hard at all.

The two most important additions is the new event called Ridden Hives, which offers more PvE action, and the two new Cleaners Heng and Sharice. There is also new enemies arriving as well as more cosmetics. Ridden Hives is said to have exclusive rewards and has a group of four people fighting their way through seven levels.

Back 4 Blood

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