Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood gets new content starting next month

An improved singleplayer experience and an expansion are on the horizon.

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People were really curious about Back 4 Blood from the moment it was announced, as it basically seemed to be the spiritual sequel to the Left 4 Dead series that the fans had dreamed about for so long. Fortunately, the game turned out to be really good, which helped the popularity, and it was surprisingly also included with Xbox Game Pass starting day 1.

The latter gave it a huge player base right off the bat and it quickly reached over six million players, and now, one month later, it's time to tell us what the future for Back 4 Blood looks like. The official Twitter account for the game has now shared a roadmap that mainly details what will happen this month and in December - but also gives us an indication of what to expect in 2022.

December is probably most impressive right now as it includes new content like more cards and also new types of cards. There will also be a improved singleplayer mode that offers campaign progression. Looking into next year, there are plans on new modes, new Corruption cards, new difficulties, quality of life improvements and also three expansions (the first is called Tunnels of Terror).

These will be included with an Annual Pass, which also gives us new Cleaners, new enemies and so on. Basically, expect killing zombies together to be even more fun going forward.

Back 4 Blood

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