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Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood bots will be smarter at launch

The developers also intend to adjust the game's difficulty levels.

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We've been playing a lot of Back 4 Blood recently thanks to first the closed beta and then the open beta. While we really liked it, there was some issues, one of them being the stupid bots that'll fill your crew if you are short on friends. They truly refuse to do anything logical and are a constant annoyance.

Well, fortunately, Turtle Rock Studios is well aware of this and sorting it out is as top priority at the studio. In an interview with lead producer Matt O'Driscoll at VG247, he answers community questions and reveals they will be smarter when Back 4 Blood launches in October.

O'Driscoll also touches upon the difficulty levels and says there will be adjustments made with some things getting harder and others easier, and this mainly applies to Survivor (easy) and Nightmare (hard).

Back 4 Blood is being released on October 12 for PC, Playstation and Xbox (also included with Xbox Game Pass from day 1).

Back 4 Blood

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