Star Wars: Squadrons

Baby Yoda is coming to Star Wars: Squadrons

Well, in the form of a tiny dashboard decoration anyway.

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Even though EA has said on several occasions that there won't be either monetisation or any new expansions for the surprisingly good space shooter Star Wars: Squadrons, it has never fully ruled out all kinds of DLC. And now it has confirmed a new supply drop for the game which neither has money involved or can be classified as an expansion.

Instead, we're talking about eight cosmetic items for the game based on the hit series The Mandalorian, and they claim to "know there's a particular new cosmetic most of you are hoping for..." If you haven't figured this out already, this means you can get a tiny Baby Yoda (or The Child as Disney and roughly 0.1% of everyone else call the little creature) to put on your dashboard, as well as holograms, decals, and hanging items.

The update will be released tomorrow, check out the new stuff below.

Star Wars: Squadrons

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