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Ayrton Senna, McLaren won't make it into F1 2013 Classics

Pre-existing deals "complicated matters" as Codemasters worked on licensing historic content.

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With Codemasters' F1 2013 out later this week we reached out to the studio to learn a bit more about some of the decisions that went into the choices for Classics Mode - and as it turns out licensing meant we won't be seeing Ayrton Senna or classic McLaren cars in the game.

"This is very much a start point for us in terms of classic content and our licensing team has done an amazing job in securing the content that we have, including three iconic teams and ten former World Champions. Unfortunately we could not reach an agreement with McLaren in time to get them into the game. The team has an existing deal with another developer which complicated matters."

"With regard to Senna, obviously we are all huge fans and would love to have him in our game at some point. Again there is a pre-existing agreement with another developer, this time in Brazil, which complicated the issue. Also the fact we were not able to get McLaren signed in time meant that we did not have access to many of Senna's cars. It is something we would like to pursue at some stage but not for this year's game."

1980s CONTENT (Included with both versions of the game)

1980s Cars & Drivers:
1980 Williams FW07B
Original Driver: Alan Jones, Team Legend: Alain Prost
1986 Team Lotus 98T
Team Legend: Mario Andretti, Team Legend: Emerson Fittipaldi
1988 Ferrari F1-87/88C
Original Driver: Gerhard Berger, Team Legend: Michael Schumacher
1988 Team Lotus 100T
Original Driver: Satoru Nakajima, Team Legend: Mika Hakkinen
1988 Williams FW12
Original Driver: Nigel Mansell, Team Legend: Damon Hill

Circuit De Jerez - former host of the Spanish GRAND PRIX™
Brands Hatch - legendary former home of the British GRAND PRIX

1990s CONTENT (Included with the Classics Edition and sold separetely as DLC)

1990s Cars & Drivers:
1992 Ferrari F92 A
Original Driver: Jean Alesi, Team Legend: TBC
1992 Williams FW14B
Original Driver: Nigel Mansell, Team Legend: David Coulthard
1996 Ferrari F310
Original Driver: Michael Schumacher, Team Legend: Gerhard Berger
1996 Williams FW18
Original Driver: Damon Hill, Original Driver: Jacques Villeneuve
1999 Ferrari F399
Original Driver: Eddie Irvine, Team Legend: Jody Scheckter
1999 Williams FW21
Original Driver: TBC, Team Legend: Alain Prost
Tracks (F1 2013: CLASSIC EDITION)
Imola- former host of the San Marino GRAND PRIX
Estoril - former home of the Portuguese GRAND PRIX

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