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Away: The Survival Series

Away is a game for those who love nature documentaries

Tired of shooting, stabbing, punching, and gathering loot? Then Breaking Walls' Away: The Survival Series might be worth a look.

While a lot of the games this year are about shooting and/or looting, Away: The Survival Series sounds like it could offer something very different, as the developers at Breaking Walls have no problem drawing comparisons between their upcoming game and nature documentaries.

We won't be controlling a marine looking for revenge after a baddie killed his family, but instead we'll live the life of a Sugar Glider just trying to find safe sanctuary. Doing this will take us through a wide variety of beautiful environments where every tiny detail has been polished. That's necessary too, as being this small, flexible creature will allow us to sneak through grass, jump from branch to branch, or fly from tall trees to the other side of a river. All of this while never knowing what awaits around the corner.

Away's world is said to have a realistic ecosystem where every animal lives its own life and has its own needs. Being a small creature in this world means that you're near the bottom of the food chain, so it would be wise to take a second look at your surroundings before trying to get that mouth-watering beetle sunbathing on the rock ahead.

Mike Raznick's (Life and Planet Earth II) music makes it feel like you're living a nature documentary too, rounding off the experience that we should be learning more about very soon.

Does this sound like a nice change of pace?

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Away: The Survival Series
Away: The Survival SeriesAway: The Survival SeriesAway: The Survival SeriesAway: The Survival Series

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