Avowed gets a Deep Dive with extra everything

Obsidian's upcoming role-playing game gets a major run-through, showcasing several different aspects and lots of gameplay.

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Before the Xbox Games Showcase kicked off on Sunday, we reported that Microsoft would be doing dedicated walkthroughs with a number of the games on display. One of them is, as expected, Avowed, where there is now a Deep Dive to look at with information and a huge amount of gameplay.

Among other things, we learn that it will be possible to play Avowed in third person for those who want to, where we have so far only seen first person. For those who are familiar with Obsidian's other role-playing games (such as The Outer Worlds), this should perhaps not come as a surprise, but it is of course nice to have confirmation.

It is also stated that Avowed is almost fully developed and that Obsidian is currently mostly optimizing it, so the risk of delay seems small. In addition, there is a thorough overview of the very flexible combat system, a presentation of the many dialog options, a look at the game's skill trees, the wide range of choices offered, information on how the equipment is ranked and much more.

Basicallyt, if you want to know more about Obsidian's role-playing game, you should definitely check it out below, because this seems to be something special. We still don't know when it will be released (although it seems to be in November), but Avowed is at least coming to PC and Xbox Series S/X with Game Pass.


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