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Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar: The Way of Water has climbed to seventh on the all-time box office charts

The movie continues to rake in revenue and is now hunting down Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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Avatar: The Way of Water is on its way to being the first $2 billion earner at the global box office since the pandemic, at least it is when you consider the revenue the movie continues to rake in day-after-day.

Following cracking the all-time top ten list a few days ago, the movie has now climbed all the way to the seventh slot, knocking off The Lion King and Jurassic World, with a total earned gross of $1,708,089,379, as Box Office Mojo shows.

Next on the list will be taking down Spider-Man: No Way Home, which currently holds fifth on the list with $1.96 billion gross. If it manages to reach that film during its theatrical run, it will even have a chance at taking down Avengers: Infinity War and Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, two movies that aren't too far into the $2 billion margin.

Where do you think, in the box office all-time standings, Avatar: The Way of Water will finish its theatrical run?

Avatar: The Way of Water

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