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Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar: The Way of Water beats The Force Awakens to become the fourth highest grossing film ever

Titanic is surely set to sink and lose its third place soon.

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When Ben wrote about Avatar: The Way of Water becoming the fifth highest grossing film of all-time yesterday he mentioned that it would surely have taken fourth place when Monday's reports came in. We didn't have to wait that long.

Deadline, The Wrap and several other American outlets have revealed that Avatar: The Way of Water now has earned more than $2.074 billion, which means it has become the fourth highest grossing film ever by beating Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens' $2.071 billion.

That leaves Titanic, Avengers: Endgame and the original Avatar, with the former having earned $2.194 billion. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure The Way of Water will sink the well-known ship within a few days, but it's worth remembering Titanic is getting another re-release in two weeks, so we'll see if that leads to a comeback. Either way, James Cameron will have made three of the four highest grossing films ever...

Avatar: The Way of Water

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