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Just Cause 4

Avalanche Studios New York appears to be working on its biggest project yet

Could this be Just Cause 5?

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We do not know what Avalanche Studios New York (Just Cause 4) is developing right now, but we do know for a fact that it is their biggest project yet and likely includes an open world. This was noticed by an eagle-eyed Twitter user that has read all their current open applications.

Amongst other things, we can read that this is "the largest and greatest AAA project we've ever taken on", and they also specify that the project is a "next-generation game". Another nugget is that this game will "push animation quality a lot further than we have done previously and this will require us to take our animation technology to the bleeding edge".

Finally, we get a hint about open worlds by reading that the Senior World Designer job listing says that you will "plan, design, build and iterate the world with all its layers; world, biomes, landmarks, locations, roads and rivers. So that it connects and presents itself beautifully". That does indeed sound like an open and very living world to us.

A new Just Cause would be the safe bet, but Just Cause 4 did get fairly mixed reviews and didn't sell to well. It could be something completely different of course, maybe a Rage 2 sequel or a brand new IP. What is your best bet?

Just Cause 4

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