Hogwarts Legacy

Avalanche reflects its support for the trans community in Hogwarts Legacy

Some of the developers took a stand against J.K Rowling's comments and have reflected this with one of the game's most prominent supporting characters.

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If you have been following the development and news about Hogwarts Legacy over the last few months, you will have seen that there is a section of the gaming community calling for a boycott of the game, due to the comments that, for years, the author and owner of the licence, J.K. Rowling has made against the trans community. A very uncomfortable situation even within Hogwarts Legacy's own studio, Avalanche Software.

Some developers already took a stand against these comments, but now that the game is about to be released (you can read our review here), it seems that they have taken their ideas to the next level, and have made Hogwarts Legacy a much more inclusive game with the collective and gender-fluid people.

For starters there are the character editor options themselves, as as well as choosing the appearance of our avatar we can assign it a male or female voice of our choosing, and equally we can define how we are referred to, whether as a witch or a wizard.

And then there is the case of Sirona Ryan. Sirona is a secondary character who we will see in several missions throughout the game, and who is the current owner of the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. She is a strong-willed woman who defends both her bar and her customers with determination, in addition to the fact that she is a trans woman. More than just another NPC, Sirona is an important part of the main plot of the game, as well as in several side quests.

Hogwarts Legacy
Sirona Ryan, a truly brave woman.

Exactly, it seems that the "Dumbledore's army" in Avalanche wants to clear some questions and repair some of the illusion that many fans of the series lost because of the transphobic comments. And beyond that, all fans will find the Harry Potter universe game they've always wanted to play, with plenty of side quests and dozens of hours of gameplay ahead of them.

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