Mad Max

Avalanche on Mad Max: "We are going to stand apart"

Lead level designer on Max, the desert, scavenging, and the lack of multiplayer.

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We scavenged an interview with Avalanche's Andreas Gschwari, the lead level designer for the open-world adventure game Mad Max, which was announced at this year's E3.

"In the wasteland nothing goes to waste, that's an internal slogan we use," Gschwari told us when we asked about what players would be doing in the game. "Scavenging is a massive part, you're going to need parts to upgrade your car, but not only the car but also the character itself. You'll upgrade your weapons, your armour, things like that. So everything you do in the game involves scavenging to some degree."

"We're a completely standalone game, so we're not really tied into any movie at all, I mean we're obviously completely authentic to the IP. The game itself is set, in a timeline reference, it's set prior to the new movie appearing, but it's completely unrelated in that sense," he told us before revealing that "none of the characters will be featuring from the different films, apart from Max himself obviously."

It definitely feels like a match made in heaven, and Avalanche agree that their expertise in open-world games puts them in a good position to deliver the definitive Mad Max experience.

"I think Avalanche games always stood apart," Gschwari continued. "Obviously Mad Max has inspired a host of wasteland stories, not just in games but also in films. We've taken that concept, that core wasteland concept that Mad Max was able to create, and we're sticking true to the IP alone, we are going to stand apart. And then you add Avalanche technology and Avalanche experience in open-world games, and fun gameplay moments to it, I think we're on the right track to setting ourselves apart."

The lead level designer also reiterated that the game, which is set to launch at some point next year on current and next-gen consoles as well as PC, would not feature multiplayer: "We felt that a single player experience is the right way to go at this point," he told us towards the end of the interview.

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