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Attack on Titan Fortnite crossover confirmed by Epic

"There's more to explore beyond the walls..."

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It has been rumoured for a while that Epic Games would include an Attack on Titan crossover with the beginning of Chapter 4 Season 2. Now that the second season is nearly upon us, Fortnite's official Twitter has confirmed the crossover.

A new photo sees Eren Yeager, Attack on Titan's protagonist, standing in front of a futuristic-looking city. Epic captioned the photo "there's more to explore beyond the walls..."


We can imagine some other characters besides Eren will be coming to the game. As with Fortnite's previous anime crossovers, there were a few key faces brought into the battle royale game.

Whether this crossover comes with a unique gameplay mode is unknown, but we can expect more information to arrive shortly.

Will you be playing as Eren Yeager in Fortnite?


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