Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart developer gets fierce criticism for statement on Russia's war against Ukraine

Landing in hot water weeks before launch.

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The upcoming Atomic Heart seems like a Soviet take on the Bioshock concept, in which we play as a KGB agent in an alternate future. But the developer Mundfish is Russian, which has made a lot of people uneasy considering the many despicable war crimes the country commits towards its neighbour Ukraine.

Many people have therefore asked Mundfish about the funding, if Russian censorship laws have been implied to the game, and if the Russian government has been sponsoring the project together with other parts promoting war. This made the studio share a comment on social media:

Unfortunately, this didn't exactly make things better as they doesn't even mention what they are talking about. Are they in support of Russia's aggression or not? They followed the tweet by explaining that they "do not comment on politics or religion", despite making a game about a KGB agent working for a future Soviet country, which is closely connected to communism.

Finally they also posted a tweet that makes it look like Mundfish consider people "spammers" if they ask about their stance on Russia's war and where they get financing from - even though it's a reasonable question as many people are looking forward to the game, but do not wish to support Russia or get any propaganda.

One of the many people who have complained about these fairly ambiguous tweets is the Remedy Entertainment developer Sergey Mohov. He writes:

It is a fair question to ask, can you be neutral towards the warfare against Ukraine and the crimes against its civilians, or is being neutral just helping Russia? Does potentially helping Russia change your perception on Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart

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