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Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart developer accused of harvesting data for the Russian regime

The team has responded and say they deny it, but chose to not comment on other suspect things.

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The Russian developer Mundfish recently went gold with their upcoming title Atomic Heart, but received fierce criticism two weeks ago for a statement on Russia's war against Ukraine, which was considered very vague and also never explicitly said they didn't support Russia.

Now AIN.Capital has released a report which once again shows Mundfish acting dubious. This time it is discovered in the Russian privacy policy that user data on the company's online store isn't necessarily private, and might be shared with various Russian authorities. The report also says the policy follows "Russian mobilization laws, under which soldiers are currently being recruited in Russia to continue the criminal war against Ukraine". Add to this that Mundfish have their legal address in Russia and Atomic Heart is "sponsored by Russian investors", without saying more about which these are.

After GamesRadar reached out to Mundfish regarding all these findings, the company replied this about harvesting user data:

"Our game and website DO NOT collect any information or data. The website's privacy statement is outdated and wrong, and should have been removed years ago. We have shut down the shop to assure our fans of the integrity of our studio and products. We apologize for any confusion on this matter."

They didn't mention anything of the other accusations though, so we suspect Atomic Heart (a game about a future Soviet Union) might continue to be a controversial title as it's hard to say how much involvement the Russian regime has in the game in various ways - like its content.

Atomic Heart

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