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Atlus to alter homophobic scenes in Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 scenes depicting homosexuality in a bad way will be changed ahead of the Persona 5 Royal release.

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Persona 5 received some backlash when the game released in the west as two scenes depicting a duo of gay men in a stereotypical and hypersexual way, specifically a scene in the sequence of which the cast go to the beach. This scene along with the scene introducing the male duo is set to be changed ahead of Persona 5 Royal's western release in March.

The information comes from an interaction between Ari Advincula, communications manager at Atlus, and IGN; "We actually were able to go through some of the lines that players may not have received as well, look at that feedback, and then [update it] for the current generation"

What are your thoughts on this change?

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