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Atlus hints at a Catherine sequel

It looks like the romantic puzzle adventure may return.

Yesterday publisher Atlus held a special livestream called the Golden Recruitment Special Program, the purpose being to recruit new employees for the new Studio Zero development team - certainly an interesting approach, but far more interesting were all the hints during the stream pointing towards a sequel to Catherine.

The whole stream was Golden Playhouse-themed, which was the title of a TV show and the name of the Story Mode in the puzzle adventure game from 2011. Music from Catherine was also played throughout the whole livestream and Trisha, a character from the game, hosted the intro and outro of the program.

At the end of the stream Trisha concludes by speaking directly to developer Atlus and asks when she will return and when her next job will be discussed.

What would you like to see in Catherine 2, if it's coming?


Thanks, Persona Central.

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