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Catherine: Full Body

Atlus cancels Catherine: Full Body's PS Vita port for the West

The Vita version is coming to Japan with the release next month, but a new update to the website only lists the PS4 version for the West.

Catherine: Full Body is due for release next month in Japan - on Valentine's Day, February 14, no less - for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and while Sony's handheld might still have popularity with some, it's a sad truth that it's no longer a priority for many developers.

In fact, Atlus has recently updated the official website of the game, seemingly confirming what some fans already suspected: the port of the PS Vita version seems to be gone for the West.

Catherine: Full Body is an enhanced version of the adventure from 2012, updated with new characters, story scenes, and extra choices. Just yesterday, however, Catherine Classic was released for PC to give fans a chance to play the original again, and you can read our review of this right here.

Is Catherine a favourite of yours?

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