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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

ATLC 2 may happen, but only with more funding

A Kickstarter page has been set up for the cause.

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The Archon Team League had a $250,000 US dollar prize pool and impressive viewing figures last year, but when Jason "Amaz" Chen left Team Archon last month, the future of the tournament was placed into question. Now, though, The ATLC 2 (the 'A' now standing for 'Amaz') may well be going ahead, however, it needs a bit of funding to get going first.

Amaz is still involved, being the tournament organiser, and is looking for just over $200,000 to fund it, which is unusual to say the least - most tournaments require no payment from fans to enjoy and crowdfunded tournaments aren't exactly common either. Either way, the Kickstarter page has raised $27,000 at the time of writing, with 30 days still to go.

On the Kickstarter page it says: "The current prize pool for the tournament is $100,000. If our Kickstarter campaign exceeds our initial goal of $200,000 and if we find plenty of sponsors before our first league matches in January, there is a high likelihood the prize pool will also increase. The rest of the funds raised from this campaign will go towards production costs; this includes our production staff, promotional videos and content, graphical assets, technical support, travel, live finale venue, hosting costs, Kickstarter rewards, and much much more behind-the-scenes stuff!"

Do you think this will get the funds it needs, or is it just not enough to make people part with their cash?

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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