Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen introduces free major update Reign of Sand, arriving on 6 August

It will overhaul core game systems and include more content and game modes.

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It's been almost a year since the release of Atlas Fallen, the ARPG title from Deck 13 that I played and reviewed here. A remarkable, but somewhat lacking, experience in which we become the hero or heroine of a decaying world where humans live scattered and at the mercy of the Wraith, sand creatures under the control of the god Thelos.

To paraphrase my final thought, I didn't find it a memorable title, but the studio hasn't stopped working on it since its release. It seems that the community took to the comments to improve gameplay and other minor issues, and all of this has led to Reign of Sand, a major update that reworks the original experience, coming to all platforms on 6 August.

Reign of Sand adds 25 Essence Stones (which the main character uses to customise his combat build) and new enemies to face, as well as a New Game+ mode and a nightmare difficulty mode called "Nyal's Nightmare". In addition, a number of core gameplay mechanics and features have been revised, and they claim to have managed to improve the pacing and quality of life.

Will you give Atlas Fallen: Reign of Sand a chance?

Atlas Fallen

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