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Atlantis Leviathans are the Season 8 Smite World Champions

Some information on Season 9 of the Smite Pro League was also shared.

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After a weekend of competition, Season 8 of the Smite Pro League has officially come to a close. Seeing six of the best teams of the past 12 months competing, the competitive year has come to a close with a new champion being crowned.

This year's World Championship ended up being a historic event for the league, as not only did it see the first time a Latin American team (the Atlantis Leviathans) won the whole championship, but it also saw the first ever three-time champion crowned. Steven "Zapman" Zapas is now the Season 6, Season 7, and Season 8 champion, making him not only the first three-time champ but the first person to ever get three back-to-back Worlds wins.

With this win in the books, Hi-Rez also announced the format for Season 9 of competitive play. It has been revealed that free agency, allowing teams to start making roster moves, is now open, and that the Pro League will also be returning on March 25 with the Kickoff Tournament. On top of this, it was also mentioned that this upcoming season will also include two Masters events, an All-Stars Invitational, and of course another World Championship, with the latter planned for December 2022 or January 2023. You can read more about the format for the next season of competitive play here.


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