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Atlanta Reign is in the market for a new head coach

Sephy us is stepping back from the position and is transitioning to become an analyst instead.

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The Atlanta Reign is the latest team in the Overwatch League to announce that it will be making a few further changes. Previously we knew about the list of players who are departing the team, which was soon followed by a bunch of coaching and management changes, and now today we have one more in the latter category to talk about.

Because, Brad "Sephy" Rajani will be stepping back from his role as head coach of the team to instead move into an analyst position.

"Today we announce that @Selfless_Brad is retiring from his position as Head Coach and taking on a Remote Analyst role with Atlanta Reign. Thank you for four years of leadership and wishing you all the best with this transition."

There's no mention as to who will be taking Sephy's role, but no doubt we'll know more about that soon, as usually head coaches are locked in before a roster is finalised and signed.

Overwatch 2

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