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Atari VCS' architect leaves the project amid pay disputes

The project has entered pre-production, but Rob Wyatt has parted ways with the team behind the retro console.

Rob Wyatt, the architect behind the Atari VCS retro console - renamed from the Ataribox last year - has revealed to The Register that he has left the project as of last Friday, saying that he Atari "haven't paid invoices going back over six months" to his consultancy.

SurfaceInk will likely be the company helping to complete the device, which only received a prototype motherboard in September, as the report continues.

Wyatt denies that this is because he's forming another company, and says that his consultancy - Tin Giant - has been "lucky to survive this long".

While this might point to issues on the project, Gamereactor has just received a press release in which we hear that it has entered pre-production ahead of the first wave of backer shipments this December.

More details on the progress of the Atari VCS can be found in this Medium post, and we even have details on the tech inside, as it'll feature an AMD Ryzen processor with Radeon Graphics Technology. There will be two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, and an M.2 SATA solid-state port, with twin upgradeable memory slots for SODIMM DDR4 RAM and two extra USB ports on the underside of the board.

On top of this, the press release adds that the engineers have "developed a custom solution to cool the components efficiently while maintaining the system's small footprint and sleek aesthetic".

Shipments are starting in March next year, when they're scheduled to be available at various retailers.

What do you make of what we've seen so far?

Atari VCS' architect leaves the project amid pay disputes

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