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Atari Lynx cartridge confirmed for retro Evercade platform

The retro handheld-home console is getting a new cartridge in Q3 and it'll come loaded with 17 classic games.

Evercade is a new hybrid games console focused on bringing retro games back for modern audiences. The system itself is due to land on April 9th, and there are already a bunch of cartridges announced. Now another has been added to that number, and it's themed around the Atari Lynx.

There are 17 games on this cartridge, which is due at some point in Q3, including the likes of Scrapyard Dog, Basketbrawl, Super Asteroids/Missile Command, Awesome Golf, Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure, Dracula the Undead, and Malibu Bikini Volleyball.

The new Lynx cart joins already announced Atari-themed collections, alongside others from the likes of Interplay and Namco. There are also more carts still to be announced, with between two and five more said to be coming this year. Head this way for more on the Evercade.

Atari Lynx cartridge confirmed for retro Evercade platform

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