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Astroneer launches for PS4 on November 15

The Explorer Update is landing this week though, introducing jetpacks and in-game cameras for those on PC and Xbox One.

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System Era Softworks has revealed that Astroneer will be taking off on PlayStation 4 on November 15, also getting a physical edition at the same time. While you wait for that though, PC and Xbox One fans get the Explorer Update this week, on September 4 in fact.

Gearbox Software is publishing the PS4 version, featuring all the same content as well as an exclusive suit and visor. Those who pre-order also get a PS4 theme that you can see below, which includes music from the game.


As for the Explorer Update, this ushers in the jetpack and jump-jet, as well as new items, platforms, and an in-game camera to capture your own voyages. This will also be absolutely free for all explorers as well.

"The curious minds exploring, terraforming, and unearthing every corner of the Astroneer galaxy make for a collective pioneering spirit echoing that of space travel itself," said Joe Tirado, Communications Director at System Era Softworks. "We are thrilled for PlayStation 4 pioneers to join this universe and share amazing stories from the stars."

Are you planning to play on PS4?


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