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Astroneer is out on Switch now, the latest update has also been released

This Xenobiology Update brings new creatures. Say hi to space snails, everyone!

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As we previously reported, Astroneer for Nintendo Switch just landed on time yesterday, January 13. However, that wasn't the only thing developer System Era Softworks had to offer.

A new update titled "Xenobiology" was also released to all platforms (and, as well as the Day One patch to the Switch version). Among all the new content it brings, one of them is the most interesting: "Space Snails". Why's that? It turns out, this is the first time ever, living creatures are added into the game world. Here's the official description:

"Space Snails are now a part of the universe of Astroneer. Players have the opportunity to gain these unique and highly adaptable creatures as permanent companions that also give benefits to their caretakers.

Each Galastropod loves treats and will become extra happy and energized when fed. While a Galastropod is full, players receive a unique benefit to aid in their adventures. Galastropods also have favorite foods which will extend the duration of their benefit when fed."

Other than that, the Xenobiology Update also includes new missions, new cosmetics in store, a new cinematic, bug fixes, and more. For the full patch notes, you can check via this link.


Thanks NintendoLife

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