Astro C40 TR

Astro has wowed a large part of the gaming community with its headsets and now it's dabbling in PlayStation 4 peripherals too.

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Just recently, we reviewed both the Thrustmaster Eswap Controller for PlayStation 4 and the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller and even though we've reviewed some Scuf peripherals in the past, it's really just lately that the market has seen such a boom of high-quality controllers.

Astro, the console gaming-focused manufacturer now owned by peripheral giant Logitech, is mostly known for its gaming headsets, but just recently, Astro ventured into the world of controllers, now competing against Scuf, Nacon, Thrustmaster and Razer following the release of the C40 TR.

The newly-released controller is an incredibly solid build, and it comes in a case that oozes quality, however, it's almost as expensive as a Switch Lite. After using the extremely disappointing Thrustmaster Eswap, we approached this one with relatively low expectations, however, it turns out that we shouldn't have been worried at all because the C40 is just about the best PlayStation 4 controller we've ever tried.

The design of the C40 can be seen as the opposite of that of the Eswap or Scuf controllers. The design team seems to have been taking inspiration from the Elite Series 2, as it's incredibly well-designed. It's constructed with great materials and is adorned with a rubberised grip that makes it rest comfortably in the hands. We'll also mention that the C40 is on the bigger size. In fact, it's probably the biggest PlayStation 4 controller we've had our hands-on, even though the size difference isn't that huge. This means that C40 probably isn't for you if your hands are more petite, but for those of us who have massive mitts, this controller is a real joy to use.

Astro C40 TR
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Astro C40 TRAstro C40 TRAstro C40 TR

The C40 houses all of the buttons and analogue sticks the DualShock 4 is adorned with plus two extra programmable buttons. You can also modify the controller in the same way as you can the Thrustmaster Eswap, which is perfect for those looking for a PlayStation 4 controller with asymmetrical analogue stick placement. It's also remarkably easy to program the extra buttons and the feature works well - the C40 software is fantastic.

We also found the D-pad of the C40 to be of higher quality than those of its competitors and when we tested the controller out in a couple of Street Fighter IV matches, we felt like we had more control over what we were doing on screen. The same goes for the Overwatch games we tried during our test period as well as our matches in Apex Legends, as the two programmable buttons along with the option to move the left analogue stick up a notch, mirroring the Xbox One controller, upped our game without us having to do much.

The only negative aspect of the C40 is its price, because it's up there. The fantastic Razer Raiju Tournament Edition costs around £50 less and is almost equal in quality. We do, however, stand by our statement that the Astro C40 is the best of the best when comparing PlayStation 4 controllers. If it was a less expensive peripheral, we'd give it a ten, but for now, a nine will have to do.

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Astro C40 TRAstro C40 TRAstro C40 TR
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9 / 10
Nice design, robust material choices, great ergonomy, fantastic modification options, great software, simple to program, can be used both wired and wirelessly
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Astro C40 TR

Astro C40 TR

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Astro has wowed a large part of the gaming community with its headsets and now it's dabbling in PlayStation 4 peripherals too.

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