Astro Bot

Astro Bot announced, set to launch as soon as September

The upcoming platformer looks absolutely lovely and everything you would hope for an Astro Bot game.

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There was a rumour going around last week that a new Astro Bot game was set to be revealed at the State of Play showcase that just concluded. The game was thought to be another 3D platformer built for the PS5, similar to what we got with Astro's Playroom, a game that to date is still the best-selling PS5 exclusive (thanks to its inclusion with every PS5 console). It turns out all of that rumoured information was correct.

A game simply known as Astro Bot was just revealed. It will be coming from Team Asobi once again and is a 3D platformer that will take the loveable robotic mascot on an adventure through a variety of biomes and unique levels in what is being described as "a super-sized space adventure, his biggest to date."

We're told that six galaxies spanning over 80 levels will be offered. The aim is to explore and to find Astro's lost crew members, who have been scattered around these galaxies that include forests, beaches, volcanoes, and more.

In a typical Astro fashion, there will be a slate of abilities to master and put to use, most of which will be tailored to the special features of the DualSense controller. Essentially, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will play into how Astro explores the world and uses powers such as Bulldog Booster to air-dash and smash enemies, Twin-Frog Gloves to swing and attack from range, and Giant Sponge to suck up water to grow huge and cause havoc.

Team Asobi also promises over 70 new enemy types to overcome, including bosses at the end of each galaxy, and opportunities to reunite with friends from the PlayStation universe. The full list of these friends remains undisclosed but we did see a version of the Leviathan Axe make an appearance...

As for when you can look to play Astro Bot on PS5, the game will be launching as soon as September 6, 2024. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Astro Bot

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