Counter-Strike 2

Astralis names dev1ce as new CS2 in-game leader

And re-signs br0 to the team.

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The Danish Astralis has been making big changes to its Counter-Strike 2 team ever since the roster failed to qualify for its home PGL Major taking place in Copenhagen this month. As part of this effort, former team captain Benjamin "blameF" Bremer was benched with plans to sell him to another team, and likewise Casper "ruggah" Due was signed as a new head coach. Now a few other changes have been announced.

Mainly, Alexander "br0" Bro was re-signed to the team after spending a while competing elsewhere. Also, Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz was promoted to the role of team captain and the new in-game leader, taking on blameF's duties.

"Our top priority has been to find a player who can step into the team and create space for the other four to move into their favorite positions. Alexander "br0" fits perfectly here," said Kasper Straube, Astralis sports director. "He was a standout player on an extremely successful talent team and chose to seek international experience after his run on the talent squad. It's a pleasure for us to complete the circle and bring a former talent player back to the main team in this way."

The team are all coming together for the first time today, to begin their first boot camp as a unit.

Counter-Strike 2

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