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Astralis has partnered up with :Dribe

The esports organisation and the car subscription company are teaming up.

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The Danish esports organisation Astralis has announced that it has entered into a commercial partnership with the car subscription company :Dribe. This comes as the latter continues to expand further across Europe, and will see :Dribe providing the transportation for Astralis' tour across Denmark.

"After a dialogue with :Dribe about the goal of hitting a target audience that is digitally native, we had no doubt about the match. Astralis will help with digital activation and conversely, we have already used :Dribe's service when we drove around the country with our Counter-Strike players," said Kasper Sindt, Astralis' commercial director.

"We will make much more use of this in the future, both when it comes to our team and other activities, and we are extremely happy with the trust that :Dribe shows us with the collaboration, which has both a delivery and a purely commercial leg."

There is no mention of any financials behind the deal or how long the partnership will last.

Astralis has partnered up with :Dribe

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