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      Rainbow Six: Siege

      Astralis acquires Disrupt Gaming, enters Rainbow Six Siege esports

      It's also the team's first expansion into the US.

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      The Danish esports organisation Astralis has announced that it will be entering competitive Rainbow Six: Siege, after acquiring Disrupt Gaming and all of its assets. This move marks Astralis' first move into North American esports as well, as this Astralis Rainbow Six team will be competing in the North American League, with its facility based in Las Vegas, and will be part of a new division of the organisation known as Astralis US Inc.

      "Expanding our team activities and organization into North America and entering Ubisoft's Rainbow Six NA League is big news for us," said Jakob Lund Kristensen, founder and CRO at Astralis. "We intend to bring something new and exciting to all the fans of Rainbow Six while also giving the vast number of existing Astralis fans all over the world a new team in a game and a league that provides entertainment and competition on a very high level.

      The Astralis Rainbow Six roster will be as follows:

      • Matthew "Dpfire" Macway

      • David "iconic" Ifidon

      • Jack "J9O" Burkard

      • Alexander "Retro" Lloyd

      • Aaron "Shuttle" Dugger

      "The Astralis fans can expect a lot of great action and content across the digital platforms," said Mark Flood, now Director of US Operations, Astralis US Inc. "Newcomers and veterans of Rainbow Six alike will enjoy our educational content, and esports fans will be delivered an almost never-ending flow of player-centric content. In a competitive sense, on a limited budget, we've been able to hold our own."

      Rainbow Six: Siege

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