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Asteroid City

Asteroid City flexes its stacked cast in latest poster

Star-studded would be selling this film short.

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Wes Anderson always tends to bring together an absolutely stacked cast when he creates new movies, and for the upcoming Asteroid City, this is precisely the case once again. But, if you had any doubt about that, the latest poster for the film is the perfect way to shut down any concerns.

Here we get to see the film's absolutely star-studded line-up, with the cast all seated and in costume and watching some kind of demonstration. We also get to see the cast listed out, just in case you can't quite pick out each of the many, many A-listers that are appearing in this film.

Asteroid City

If you haven't already, check out the trailer for Wes Anderson's Asteroid City below, with the film arriving in cinemas on June 23.


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