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Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation is "the MMO that everybody wanted to play"

Lead game designer Jeffrey Bard walked us through the game's unique appeal.

MMO Ashes of Creation is a game that should be getting its first alpha late this year, early next year, according to lead game designer Jeffrey Bard, who was on hand at PAX East to also tell us what fans can expect from the game, which looks to carve its own identity within a very packed genre.

"It's the MMO that everybody wanted to play back in the day," Bard said. "It's a game that reacts to what players do; it's a place where choice matters; where decisions matter; and where actions have consequences. It's not a 'I go to a level 10 zone, level 20 zone, level 30 zone', it's 'how do I create the world that I want to play in?' So it's a living, breathing world that reacts to what players do and is that game that I've always wanted to play and a lot of us here at the studio wanted to make."

"It's a really accessible game, it's a game that other people who have played MMOs will be able to get into really quick, and then they'll find out that this is a world that has a lot for them to do beyond just questing, beyond just raiding. It's a world that you build yourself."

For the full interview, with more on the game, check the video out below. Does this sound like an MMO that sets itself apart from others?

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Ashes of Creation

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