Ashes of Creation dev diary shows off building tool
Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation dev diary shows off building tool

The team talk about how they've worked to make the numerous buildings in the game, and the tool that adapts them to different races.

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Back in March the Node Technology in Ashes of Creation was shown off in a dev diary, and now the official channel of the game has unveiled a new dev diary talking about the building technology in the MMO, creating the world around the player.

Senior environment artist Devin Lafontaine talks in the video about how the team creates the many buildings necessary for such a large-scale game. Creative director Steven Sharif also talks about how these buildings need to reflect the races in the game, which can be done by swapping modular pieces in and out.

Earlier this year Intrepid shared details on Ashes of Creation's future, including details on what's coming and where they are in development, and you can see for yourself how the building side of things is going via the video below.

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Ashes of Creation

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