Dead by Daylight

Ash in Dead by Daylight was "the worst kept secret"

We talk to Behaviour Interactive's Mathieu Coté and Dave Richard about the decision to bring in the iconic Evil Dead hero.

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Behaviour Interactive may have said in the past that they were done with licensed characters in Dead by Daylight, but that didn't stop them from announcing that Ash (Ash vs. The Evil Dead, The Evil Dead) would join the ever-growing roster of playable characters in the asymmetric horror title.

"I guess it was more of a pause," said creative director Dave Richard. "I mean, there was that time when we really wanted to create original characters, but with other iconic characters like Ash, we just wanted it so bad, you know."

"There are opportunities like that that you just can't avoid," adds game director Mathieu Coté. "Ash Williams wants to be in Dead by Daylight, it's going to happen."


"He is the first one where we have an actor likeness," says Coté. "Because you can't do Ash without going with Mr Bruce Campbell, obviously. And he's also our first licensed character where you have different alternative costumes. So we were able to tell a little more, show a little more of the character with the costumes."

The conversation also touched on The Plague update, the dedicated server update, and much more.

Ash Williams will be added to the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One an April 2, but he's also playable on the PAX East showfloor this weekend.

Dead by Daylight
Dead by DaylightDead by Daylight

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