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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

AS Monaco are the first eFootball.Pro League winners

They defeated Celtic FC 3-0 in the grand final, with Usmakabyle and Lotfi also winning awards for assists and goals respectively.

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The finals of the first eFootball.Pro League took place this past weekend, and after the dust had settled AS Monaco were the team to lift the trophy, defeating Celtic FC - which many considered the favourites - to become champions.

The first semi-final of the last weekend saw Celtic FC and FC Nantes battle it out for a spot in the final. The first match saw Celtic win 4-1, although the second went to penalties, with Nantes failing to score any of their shots from the penalty spot.

The second semi-final saw FC Barcelona take on AS Monaco, with Usmakabyle (a player who recently became the PES League's new European Champion) and Lotfi proving why they're some of the best players in the world. They won the first game 4-2, and the last 6-0, but Barcelona's 3-0 win in the middle made sure to put the pressure on.

AS Monaco also started strong in the grand final as well, winning all three matches out of the five possible to lift the trophy. Considering how strong Celtic FC have been all season, it was a surprise to see them lose 3-1, 2-1, and 3-0, although considering Usmakabyle won the Top Assists trophy, with his teammate Lotfi being the Top Goalscorer, it makes more sense.

The MVP of the season, however, was E_C_Oneill, as chosen by fans via a poll on Twitter.

Did you expect an AS Monaco win?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
Photo: eFootball.Pro

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