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Call of Duty: Warzone

Artist claims the Floofy Fury skin in Call of Duty has been plagiarised

"I am very disappointed to see my work being plagiarised by a big company like Activision in this way."

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The supremely cute Floofy Fury skin for Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone was revealed last week, and anyone who plays Activision's hyper-popular shooters knows full well how much has been invested in Fortnite-esque skins as of late. However, it seems that Activision as well as developers Treyarch lacked inspiration and imagination as they appear to have stolen the design of the Samoyed dog that makes up the Floofy costume. Illustrator Sail Lin has presented evidence (here) that they designed the costume/skin over two years ago and that they have not been contacted by Activision or received any sort of compensation for it now being used in Call of Duty.

"I only just found out at the time of the announcement that my work was plagiarised. Even though I am also a COD player, I am very disappointed to see my work being plagiarised by a big company like Activision in this way. I have reached out to Activision for an explanation and/or compensation, and hopefully the situation will be settled soon. As an individual artist, I can only do so much, and I have to speak out about this to stop things like this happening again in the future."

Call of Duty: WarzoneCall of Duty: Warzone
The original from about two years ago (left). The Call of Duty knock-off (right).

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