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Artifact gets a new comic series to prepare for launch

The Dota universe expands a little more.

Artifact is a digital card game that's set in the world of Dota 2, and along with the imminent Steam release of the game on November 28 we're also getting a new comic called Prelude, as Valve revealed in an official post.

Prelude is the first in a new series of comics based on the game, and the second comic called Call to Arms will release on launch day, although brace yourself for "a series of events that will transform the world of Dota forever."

The beta has also been updated, and the patch notes are available below for you to read. Will you be getting these comics?

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Added the ability to inspect the current deck lists during play using F2 and F3.

Bug Fixes

Fixes for several crashes.
Pressing ESC to cancel an unrecommended action no longer causes the card to become unresponsive.
When you try to recycle >1000 cards, the dialog box will be clearer about why you can't.
Fixed the text not fitting in some dialog boxes.
Fixed the reward ticket image sometimes being black.
Fixed the allied Radiant towers covering damage preview numbers.
Fixed bugs with the forced surrender warnings firing too frequently and under the wrong conditions.
Improved timing on for Lux and Nox to make them less active.
Updated gauntlet rewards sounds.
Updated the localization files.

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