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Artifact 2.0 brings changes to monetisation

The 2.0 beta update to hit Valve's Artifact focuses on making the game easier to pick up and play.

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Valve's strategic digital card game Artifact's "reboot" is still in its closed beta stage and as per usual when it comes to betas, the game is being updated regularly to bring a solid experience to players when it officially releases. Due to the game not being up to par, as revealed by Valve's Gabe Newell, Artifact is set to change quite a bit, with the core focus being on making the game easier to pick up for new players as well as altering the gameplay.

To make this happen, Valve has decided to alter monetisation by not selling cards at all, negating the possibility to stack one's deck to destroy opponents in the game. A Hero Draft is also planned which lets players construct decks in a more casual way.

The beta is set to open up more and more over time and Valve plans to transition the beta stage into open beta down the line.

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