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3DS StreetPass: how popular is it?

3DS StreetPass: how popular is it?

Nintendo 3DS

It's been four months since the 3DS launch and the introduction of StreetPass, the console's content-sharing mode. We hit the streets to see how widespread its use is.

Text: Lorenzo Mosna
3DS vs NGP: The Comparison

3DS vs NGP: The Comparison

Nintendo 3DS / PS Vita

We have weighed the pros and cons of Nintendo 3DS and Sony's NGP. Find out who wins the preliminary battle.

Text: Bengt Lemne
Best of E3 2010

Best of E3 2010

Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo DS / PC / PS3 / PSP / Wii / Xbox 360

E3 2010 is over, it's a whole new year until the next convention, and we've fought the jetlag to try to summarize the year's biggest gaming event in a couple of short lists.

Text: Bengt Lemne & Petter Mårtensson

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