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GRTV: Indies of E3

We've gathered some of our favourite indie interviews from Los Angeles.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

The indie scene often gets overlooked at an event such as E3 when all the big boys flex their muscles to attract media attention, but perhaps Sony's decision to include indies in their press conference signaled a change.

Derek Elliott, Compulsion Games

One of many indie games featured by Sony at their press conference and in their booth Contrast features a family oriented theme with characteristic visuals that are inspired by vaudeville and noir. Using shadows as a part of the game mechanics is an interesting twist and this one certainly piqued our interest.

Alexandre Sabourin, Red Barrels

Outlast is one of those survival horror games that really doesn't offer the player much in terms of offensive capabilities. As you view the action through a night vision video camera your objective is simpy to survive and hide. We talked to Sabourin about the concept and the inspirations.

Sheldon Carter, Digital Extremes

Sony have offered out a warm, welcoming hand to several free-to-play developers, including Digital Extremes and their Warframe. A hybrid shooter that is born out of a "ninjas in space" concept, Warframe is already launched on PC (open beta since March) and has so far amassed a couple of million players. We talked to Sheldon Carter about the concept and the relationship with Sony.

Mercenary Kings
Alex Maari, Tribute Games

The team that brought us Scott Pilgrim vs. The World headed to Kickstarter for support for their next game Mercenary Kings, but they also got support from Sony who put them on stage for the E3 press conference as one of the featured indie titles.

Guns of Icarus Online
Howard Tsao, Muse Games

Muse Games have taken to Kickstarter several times to find funding for their Guns of Icarus projects. At E3 we found them hanging out in the IndieCade corner as we talked about how Guns of Icarus Online is evolving among other things.

That Dragon, Cancer
Ryan Green

Some video game subjects are more personal than others and That Dragon, Cancer is certainly one of the most personal and moving experiences we had in Los Angeles. Ryan Green's game explores the trials and triumphs he and his wife have experienced after their young son Joel was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
Dennis Wedin, Dennaton Games

There are indie games and then there are indie blockbusters and Hotline Miami definitely falls in the latter category. Unsung heroes (as in known to those in the know, but not really the general gaming public) of the Swedish indie scene, Dennis Wedin and Jonathan Söderström created what is easily one of the most violent games we've ever seen. A snuff game if you will. In this interview with Dennis he explains why they went ahead with a sequel eventhough it's not the "indie way", and also how the music for the sequel was picked.

We still have a dozen or so interviews to edit and publish from Los Angeles and among the remaining indie offerings are Tower of Guns, Tiny Brain and Ray's The Dead. So keep an eye out for those in the next week or so.