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Horror on the Horizon

We're horror fans here at Gamereactor and so we sat down, did some digging, and created a list of our most anticipated horror games.

This year seems to be a good year for all you horror fans out there with plenty of seemingly fantastic horror gems releasing within the upcoming months. For this reason, or maybe to celebrate the fact that horror is staying extraordinarily relevant, we've listed some upcoming games that we're dying to play this year. Get your flashlight out, lock your doors and cover your windows - we're diving deep into the horrors of 2019.

Layers of Fear 2 - PC/PS4/Xbox One - Expected in 2019

Layers of Fear 2 is the sequel of Bloober Team's hit horror game that released back in 2016. In Layers of Fear, the player took on the role of a manic painter trying to finish his masterpiece while finding clues around his mansion abode that gradually explain the painter's disturbed mind. In this sequel, the player will be taking control of an actor who's staying on a massive ocean liner as they get ready for a role. The developer has promised a similar experience to that of the first but with a gripping new reality-bending narrative, so get ready for self-altering surroundings, strange visions and non-stop chilling horror.

The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan - PC/PS4/Xbox One - Expected in 2019

Supermassive Games, the studio behind Until Dawn, announced its anthology idea at Gamescom last year by showing off the first chapter in the to-be series, Man of Medan. Each chapter, which will all be standalone, will focus on different scenarios drawn from folklore and Man of Medan tackles the ghost ship trope. The game tells the story of a group of Americans out at sea, looking for a shipwreck and, of course, things don't go as planned. Much like in Until Dawn, the player controls not one person but a group of characters throughout and if the quality of Until Dawn is anything to go by, Man of Medan will surely blow some minds when it releases this year.


Close to the Sun - PC/PS4/Xbox One - Expected in 2019

Storm in a Teacup's upcoming first-person horror game Close to the Sun has the player, as journalist Rose Archer, step onboard a Nikola Tesla research base called the Helios that's out on international waters, a place which serves as a haven for brilliant scientists. The journalist in question is there to find her sister whom she hasn't heard from, and soon after arriving Rose realises the station, despite being a magnificent construction, isn't the haven it was made out to be. For those who have played the underwater action horror classic Bioshock the setting may feel familiar but with an industrial vibe to it. Close to the Sun looks to be one of the more interesting horror games of the year and we're eager to find out what lurks behind the quarantine sign at the entrance of this enticing new setting.

Unholy - PC - Expected in 2019

This upcoming horror gem by Duality Games isn't your ordinary scary game. Unholy puts a twist on the genre with optional stealth mechanics and societal puzzle solving. In a world divided through caste systems, the player, who fills the shoes of a woman looking for her child, is an outcast who has the opportunity to manipulate the caste system and essentially impersonate members of each caste to get where you want to go. The player chooses his or her playstyle in this otherworldly horror game set on a dying planet, and all of the choices made have consequences for that playthrough. The premise is certainly an intriguing one and we're excited to see what the game will bring once hits store shelves.


The Beast Inside - PC/PS4/Xbox One - Expected in 2019

The Beast Inside (not to be confused with The Evil Within) follows CIA cryptanalyst Adam and his wife Emma who have just moved from a loud Boston to a quiet countryside home where they're supposed to be safe, at least according to Adam's handlers at the agency. However, it quickly turns out that the agency was wrong in this assumption. When exploring their new home, Adam finds a diary belonging to the previous owner, which unleashes the nightmares within it by bringing them from the past into the present. The game has you play as two protagonists from two different periods in time and it's going to be interesting to travel through time and nightmares when this game by Illusion Ray Studio eventually lands.